Purdue Engineering Student Council

Serving Students | Serving Faculty | Serving Industry

President: Fernando Escribens | Vice President: Madi Rogers | Treasurer: Morgan Roth | Secretary: Samuel Sills

The Purdue Engineering Student Council is a student-run organization founded in 1975. With our mission statement of "serving students, serving faculty, serving industry," PESC continues to build upon its early foundations to become one of the most active and productive organizations on campus. Membership includes the most motivated and enthusiastic leaders on campus. Additionally, we provide numerous programs throughout the year for Purdue students, other engineering organizations, and aspiring young engineers in order to fulfill our purpose.

Executive Board
EXEC_committee The Executive Committee serves as a liaison between the university as well as a support system for the committee heads and members. The overall purpose of the committee is to ensure PESC is operating effectively and continually expanding to reach new goals. Administratively, the committee is responsible for the selection of new members and generating an overall direction for council during their term.

Individually, the president manages relations with advisors, other student organizations, and the college of engineering. The vice president is responsible for leading the committee heads and creating programs to acclimate new members to council. On a high level, the treasurer is accountable for managing the transaction flow as well as working with individual committees to approve new operations. Lastly, the secretary manages most administrative responsibilities of council, including alumni relations and council organization.

Contact: pesc@ecn.purdue.edu
Campus Relations
SA_committee The Campus Relations Committee was formed from the merger of the Student Activities and Engineering Relations Committees with the intent of making Purdue’s campus a welcoming and connected environment for all the people that make campus a special place to be. The goal of our committee is to find ways to connect students, faculty, and student organizations with one another to create a culture of collaboration among the three bodies. Ultimately, we would like for these three groups to work together and find ways to serve each other for their mutual benefit. Our committee aims to achieve its goals by holding events that allow these three bodies the opportunities to connect with each other and become involved in one another’s projects and events. Some popular events that we run are the annual Rube Goldberg Competition, the Merit Fund Grant, and other events that we work collaboratively with other organizations to put on.

To see the events and activities that the Campus Relations Committee sponsors, visit www.purdueesc.org/studentcenter.

Contact: CR Committee Head Hadar Artzi, pesccr@ecn.purdue.edu
COMM_committee The Communications Committee is devoted to promoting all PESC events to the community. Each communications committee member works specifically with another council committee in order to promote that specific committee’s individual events and fulfill all their communications-related needs.

Our main advertisement strategy consists of weekly Wednesday’s "PESC Pizza" where fliers and posters are handed out with regards to upcoming events. Marketing PESC events varies mainly from the use of classroom talks and call outs, fliers and posters, side walk chalking, and our website. A delegated communications committee member frequently updates the PESC website by uploading upcoming event banners and registration links located on the home page. Beyond advertisement, the communications committee is also responsible for documenting all council events through the use of pictures and video clips.

Contact: Comm Committee Head Annika Lumpp, pesccomm@ecn.purdue.edu
Engineering Outreach
EO_committee The goal of the Engineering Outreach Committee is to develop activities and programs that foster learning, communication and relationships among younger students and future engineers. Its primary activities are outreach events each semester for elementary and middle school aged students, intended to encourage an interest in science and engineering disciplines through hands-on activities and presentations. Each semester, the committee hosts events at Purdue as well as traveling to one school in the central Indiana area. These events can be anything from design competitions to applying engineering and science concepts to real life. The Engineering Outreach Committee also collaborates with other engineering organizations on campus to bring diverse activities and perspectives to the students participating in the events.

To learn more about the activities and events that Engineering Outreach sponsors, visit www.purdueesc.org/childrensevents.

Contact: EO Committee Head Jacob Moeckler, pesceo@ecn.purdue.edu
EXPO_committee The EXPO Career Fair is an interactive, one-day job fair that annually attracts approximately 170 companies and over five thousand students from Purdue. Held in late January or early February of each year, this fair aims to connect industry with engineering, science and technology students from the university. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, the EXPO career fair is a perfect opportunity for employers to network personally. Companies have the option to support a student with a scholarship when they register. Faculty members review and judge the student applications, and the winning students get a chance to interact with the donor companies at a casual dinner. Companies also have the option to host a 50-minute seminar the day before the fair. These seminars are a perfect time for the companies to talk about exciting innovations and expanding opportunities.

To learn more about the EXPO career fair, visit www.purdueesc.org/careerfairs/expo2018.

Contact: EXPO 2018 Director Scott Lenz, pescexpo@ecn.purdue.edu
Industrial Roundtable
IR_committee The Industrial Roundtable Committee works to raise the bar of career fairs across the nation by bridging the gap between industry and academia during the three-day event, traditionally held the second week of September. Since its start in 1980, the Industrial Roundtable (IR) has gained recognition with students and companies alike as being one of the best in the nation. As one of the largest student-organized job fairs in the country, the fair grows each year, bringing in over 400 companies and 10,000 students. The event primarily attracts engineering, science and technology majors. However, the fair is open to all West Lafayette Purdue University students and traditionally attracts a diverse group of qualified undergraduates and graduates searching for internship, co-op, and permanent employment opportunities.

To learn more about the IR career fair, visit www.purdueesc.org/careerfairs/ir2018.

Contact: IR 2018 Director Arielle Crowe, pescir@ecn.purdue.edu
Internal Development
IA_committee The Internal Development Committee plans events and activities that center around the development of PESC members and PESC as a whole. The goal of Internal Development is to increase council cohesiveness and strengthen interpersonal relationships through organized events and activities. These events provide members of PESC an opportunity to bond in an informal setting while building connections that increase overall council effectiveness during all other events. Internal Development is in charge of activities such as Council Trip, the PESC Choice Awards, Progressive Dinner, and Mentor-Mentee challenges. Every semester is different because ID tries to expose council to new experiences and activities. In the past ID has put on smaller events like cooking challenges, pumpkin carving, karaoke nights, and putt-putting for members. The committee is also in charge of PESC apparel and providing dinner at bi-weekly general meetings. ID is also now the liaison between the current council and its alumni. Check out our alumni page here! www.purdueesc.org/pesc-alumni

Contact: ID Committee Head Madi Rogers, pescia@ecn.purdue.edu
DCIM100GOPRO The NAESC Committee is an ad-hoc committee formed for the purpose of the Purdue Engineering Student Council bidding for and hosting the National Conference for the National Association of Engineering Student Councils. The conference is expected to bring in 350 engineering student leaders from 50 universities across the country. The theme for this conference is "One Brick Higher". Members of the NAESC committee are involved in planning the conference, obtaining facilities, overseeing registration, and acquiring sponsorship.

To learn more about the NAESC 2017 conference, visit www.purdueesc.org/naesc2017.
PESC Racing (Grand Prix)
RACING_committeePESC Racing is an ad-hoc committee with the main purpose of providing opportunities for Council members to gain hands-on-experience in a variety of fields, with a focus in automotive and design. PESC Racing is in charge of maintaining and improving the Grand Prix kart to remain competitive in the greatest spectacle in collegiate racing. Our partners include the Bridgestone Corporation. Major positions on the committee include driver and crew chief. The driver’s responsibilities include practicing and perfecting a technique for race day and performing routine maintenance on the kart. The crew chief serves as the head of the committee, coordinating meetings of the entire team, schedules kart maintenance with mechanics and ensures that the team meets all requirements of the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation.

Contact: PESC Racing Crew Chief Matt Eustace, pescracing@ecn.purdue.edu