Purdue Engineering Student Council
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Campus Activities

Planned and organized by our Campus Relations Committee, PESC hosts a wide range of events for students and faculty here at Purdue.




Large Campus Events


Purdue National Chain Reaction Competition

The Purdue National Chain Reaction Competition is a competition between complex machines. Teams compete to make the most mundane and simple tasks into extraordinary machines fit with themes, surprises, and a whole range of complicated steps. The more complex and creative the better the machine.

This year's task is pressing a doorbell!


Surthriving Week

Purdue Engineering Student Council strives to make the colloquial “Dead Week” (the week before finals) into a time that both engages and excites students around campus. By promoting a break from studying through food, fun, and games, PESC aims to lower student stress levels low and boost their mental health.


Boiler Bash

Boiler Bash is the collection of Purdue’s best and greatest engineering extracurricular clubs to get students engaged in engineering activities outside of the classrooms. Hosting a whole slew of organizations, PESC wants to showcase to students the many ways the Purdue community blends engineering and passion.