Industrial Roundtable 2019 Career Fair Preparation


Before The Fair

Before The Fair

There are many steps one can take before they enter the doors of a career fair. In-fact, most success brought upon career fairs are due to actions taken by candidates before they arrive to talk to recruiters. Researching companies, finding the open positions or possible existing connections give certain students an edge into the opportunity of a lifetime as soon as they meet a recruiter. By finding yourself on this web page, you’re already several steps ahead of many students attending career fairs.

Basic Requirements

  • Motivation

    • You need to set a goal of making the attendance to the fair a priority, the window of opportunity on certain days is short. Lacking the motivation to do all of the necessary prep is a set up for disappointment

  • Yourself

    • You need to bring the uniqueness of yourself to the table, you need to bring your specific interests within engineering. A company rep wants to hear why you specifically want to work for them specifically.

  • Resume

    • A one page summary of what you’ve accomplished. Don’t over-complicate it, more information to resumes will be discussed below. A resume takes some time to create, so if you’re in the early stages of your preparation, you should start this step.

  • Dress

    • Career fairs are business professional events. As some clothes from home can take a while to get to school, professional clothing is a necessity. The CCO office has alternatives if you do not currently own any professional clothes.

Online Resources

Applying Online

Start with a Career Plan

A ship never sets sail without a destination, your voyage into employment will be more fruitful if you detail a destination.

Set Qualities

Every company has their cultures, requirements, benefits. Location, internship design (structured or unstructured), type of work can vary wildly. Try to determine what interests you and aim to work for a company that encompasses your interests.

Prep Night




To start constructing your own resume, the best place to begin is by modeling yours off a successful existing resume. Many examples can be found online of relevant resumes that suit your needs.


Purdue’s CCO Career Closet

Located in Young 132 Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM. Only takes 20 minutes to find the right professional attire!


Being Yourself

While probably the most basic advice presented on this web-page, being yourself is probably the best way to secure an offer of employment. Employers and recruiters often look for candidates they feel are comfortable to be around, and that they can personally get along with. The more natural a candidate is, the more memorable they are to the recruiter. Make sure to differentiate yourself by stating all unique things related to yourself. Your hobbies, your place where you grew up, engineering projects you might have read way too much into how they worked. Just let your passion shine through and try not to worry about presenting yourself in any fabricated manner.

There are probably at least 30 other applicants from the same school getting nearly the same degree, but there is only one of you applying. Make sure you stand out above the rest.

Additional Resources