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EXPO 2020 Career Fair Information




EXPO - Spring 2020 Career Fair is on it’s way!

EXPO is the Purdue Engineering Student Council’s spring career fair and is an excellent opportunity for employers to recruit students for internship, Co-Op, and full-time positions. This will be the 27th annual EXPO and we expect around 170 companies and 4,000 students to attend.

The location and date of EXPO 2020 have yet to be released.

This event contains three distinct components: seminars, the career fair, and interviews. Below you will find more information regarding each aspect and how to register as an employer.




Registration has not yet opened.



Shipping: Company packages should be received between DATE AND DATE. For packages received after this date, we cannot guarantee that they will be available the day of the fair.

Packages should be shipped to the following address:

Purdue Engineering Student Council

Potter Engr. Center


Company: < COMPANY NAME >

500 Central Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47906




During the registration process, you will have option to host a free company seminar. Hosting a seminar will increase interest in your company to prospective employees and will also provide an additional opportunity to talk with students.

Company seminars will be held on DATE from TIME pm to TIME pm. Seminars can include topics from general company information to employment and advancement opportunities within your business. These presentations span a fifty minute time slot and are held in the Stewart Center on campus. Recent feedback from students indicates that 90% of attendees found seminars worthwhile.



Interviews will be conducted by Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities (CCO). Many companies opt to interview on the days immediately following the career fair, but interview sessions can be scheduled for any day following the event. Interview rooms will be reserved in Stewart Center, Young Hall, and/or Purdue Memorial Union.

On-campus interview spaces for DATES are available for request during the registration process.

If you have any questions regarding interviews, please contact Paula Beaver (CCO) at hire@purdue.edu.


|Career Fair Plus App

EXPO has integrated the use of the Career Plus Fair app to effectively communicate information about the fair to students in real-time. It is available to all 40,000 students and contains the summarized version of the information that is in the fair guidebooks. According to recent student survey responses, over 90% of fair attendees have downloaded the app, and this number is continuing to grow!

Additionally, a new company version of the app is available, called Recruiter Connect Plus. Included in this app will be all day-of-fair information pertinent to only company representatives. Please keep in mind that the app is the best way to remain up to date with all information regarding the days of the event. To download the Recruiter Connect app, visit the Apple or Google Play app store.


Information Request

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 Getting Involved at Purdue

If your company is looking to expand its presence at Purdue, we’re here to help! The following is a list of available opportunities that can enable your organization to easily establish its brand on campus and connect further with students in recruiting contexts.


General Recruiting: Center for Career Opportunities (CCO)

Thanks to the CCO providing the nation’s 3rd ‘Best Career Services’, Purdue is able to boast statistics such as a 90% placement rate within six months of graduation, the top internship/co-cop program in the U.S., and an average starting salary of $59,000 (a number that continues to increase each year). For students, the CCO is the prime connection to the recruiting ecosystem, and provides easy access to job postings, resume & interview consulting, professional wardrobes, and countless career fairs.

For your company, the CCO provides a convenient hub from which you can post job openings, arrange career fair attendance, hire graduates, and promote your brand. By working with the CCO, your organization can increase its presence on campus and be one of many employers who experience Purdue’s world-class talent.

Please visit https://www.cco.purdue.edu/ or contact hire@purdue.edu for more details.



Larger Scale Involvement: Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)

Serving Purdue’s mission of being a leader in innovation, the PRF specializes in “managing and licensing Purdue's intellectual property, accepting gifts, administering trusts, acquiring property, and negotiating research contracts. As the largest university-affiliated incubation complex in the country, the Purdue Research Park unites discovery and delivery.”

For your company, the PRF facilitates donations, sponsorships, and corporate partnerships. Over 350 organizations are associated with the foundation and new additions are continually being added.

Please visit https://prf.org/ or contact Eric Woods (ewoods@prf.org) for more details.



Specific Employment Programs

Office of Professional Practice (OPP):

The Office of Professional Practice is instrumental in facilitating Purdue’s extensive Co-Op program, where they service 8 colleges and 48 disciplines, working with employers and students to ensure successful work-learning experiences. Currently, the OPP offers three and five term Co-Ops, internships, and research opportunities.

For your company, the OPP is the perfect way to begin a Co-Op or internship program with Purdue students. By becoming a qualified employer, your organization can gain access to Purdue talent, enhance your connection with campus, and promote industry experience in educational settings.

Please visit https://opp.purdue.edu/employers/ or contact Barbara Albrecht (balbrech@purdue.edu) for more details.

Global Engineering Alliance for Research & Education (GEARE):

Quickly growing in popularity among students, GEARE combines the traditional study abroad experience with practical, real-world applications of engineering principles in a foreign environment. By meeting a certain language requirement, students are able to work in an intercultural setting while completing internships and design projects that affect communities and corporations abroad. The result is an unforgettable journey filled with not only work experience, but a better understanding of how engineering fits into the global community.

For your company, GEARE is a chance to facilitate international engineering practices while building your brand with Purdue.

Please visit this web page or contact Joe Tort (jtort@purdue.edu) for more details.

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Employer Specific Events: Purdue Conferences

As the premier event planning organization on Purdue’s campus, Conferences helps ensure that “your conference, symposium, or event is a success…whether your group is 6 people or 6,000.”

For your company, Conferences can handle the logistics for large and small events on campus, making it easier than ever to interact with Purdue’s student body in a way that is custom fitted to your organization.

Please visit https://www.conf.purdue.edu/ to request information for your event.