Meet Our New Members!

Since the rush and craziness of the Industrial Roundtable has finally come to an end, we thought this would be the perfect time to welcome our newest PESC members! This fall we had the privilege of bringing on two new members to council- Isabelle Yates and Michael Kadus. Their first few weeks with us were quite hectic as preparations for IR were in full swing; however, they dedicated many hours getting acquainted with council culture, meeting all of our amazing members, and even participating in a low-ropes course to help break the ice and show them all of the fun we like to have!

Isabelle is from Lexington, North Carolina and could not wait to receive her acceptance letter from Purdue. She explains, “Purdue was my dream school, and I got accepted into my dream program!” Isabelle plans to choose biological engineering as her major next year and will be joining one other PESCer in this unique major. After learning more about all the components of PESC, she has voiced that her main interests lie in working on the mental health initiative and also helping to plan the Chain Reaction Competition on the Campus Relations committee with committee head- Lauren Heiss. She has already made some great memories with the PESC family when she and other council members met and got a photo with Mitch Daniels at a football game! Outside of PESC, Isabelle is heavily involved in the Purdue band and also a member of the EPICs program. She also loves spending time outdoors and with nature photography as her favorite hobby. We look forward to all of your amazing accomplishments on PESC and are so happy to have you on council with us Isabelle!

Our other new member- Michael- is from Chicago, Illinois and had a hard time leaving his new mini doodle puppy named Millie to come to Purdue, but he has been loving every minute of it so far! Mike described his decision to come to Purdue, “I chose Purdue because of its great engineering program as well as the strong intellectual diversity of the student body.” He will be going to electrical engineering next year but still has a love for finance. With this passion, he hopes to create an undergraduate quantitative finance club at Purdue in the future! After soaking in all of the different aspects of PESC and experiencing the thrill of IR, Michael stated that he is most excited to dive into the next career fair- EXPO. Although he is an active member of the Boiler Brigade and an avid sports fan, Michael still states that his favorite memory of college thus far is driving a golf cart during the Industrial Roundtable. Thank you for being a great PESC member so far, and we are thrilled to see everything you will accomplish throughout these years!

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