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Industrial Roundtable 2019 Recap

Check out the highlights from IR 2019!

Every year, PESC hosts the nation’s largest student run career fair, right here in West Lafayette, and with over 380 companies and 12,000 students in attendance, the IR committee has definitely accomplished its mission of connecting students with industry and career opportunities.

This year’s fair featured some scorching West Lafayette sun, Purdue Pete trying his luck with Ford Motor Company, and a lot of PESCers working around the clock to keep IR going smoothly. Big shout-out to Karl Akert and his IR committee for putting on another successful event; thanks to their efforts, lots of Purdue students get to take the next step in their Boilermaker career!

Boiler Up!

Meet Some of Our Interns

Lots of PESCers have had summers full of amazing work experiences, so here’s some highlights from their internships!


Josh Bayer

Josh Bayer is currently a senior in electrical engineering and working for Chevron in their Energy Technology Company in Houston, Texas! He is working on many innovative projects including gateway and network management related to WirelessHART protocol; management and cyber security requirements for implementation of a new system; working with lab equipment to test new server, network, and device architecture; and taking seminars on various topics within the Energy industry. 

In the town of Houston, Josh has been enjoying all of the Texas barbecue- especially the brisket; exploring the city; traveling to Austin, Boston, and Atlanta; attending Houston Astros and Real Madrid games; and connecting with both old and current PESCers. Josh explains his summer in the South, “Houston allowed me to experience new Southern culture, interact with a lot of PESCers from the area, and learn about a new industry in oil and gas!”

Congrats on your new summer experience and best of luck with all of your projects, Josh!


Courtney Halak

This summer one outstanding PESCer-Courtney Halak- spent the month of May working abroad in Kenya with her Purdue EPICs team, the Global Air Quality Trekkers. They successfully performed tests and collected data to see if they could improve the air ventilation within kitchens in Nandi, Kenya to mitigate indoor air pollution which is the leading cause of death among women and children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Courtney further described her trip, “Our mission in traveling to Kenya was not just to prove that our ventilation project would work, but to give the Nandi community the tools and education they would need to continue to carry it forward.”

Next steps include finalizing their designs and ensuring the end product does not interfere with their traditional designs and cultural aspects. Outside of this amazing trip, Coutrney described her summer to, “[be] filled with a good balance of hard work, new connections and exhilarating travel”.  She noted, “if [it’s] any indication of what my future is to look like, then I can’t wait!”

Courtney is a sophomore in engineering and looks forward to continuing this project on campus next fall. Thanks for all your hard work Courtney!


Katherine Brennan

Katherine Brennan is a senior in biomedical engineering completing her 4th co op rotation at Eli Lilly & Company in Indianapolis! She is working on handheld medical devices that deliver antibodies to patients with autoimmune diseases. In her free time she enjoys walks around downtown Indy, acroyoga, and visiting lots of coffee shops!

Ellsworth INTERN.JPG

Catherine Ellsworth

This summer we are showcasing the wonderful Catherine Ellsworth! Catherine is currently working in Grand Rapids, MI for Meijer at their corporate headquarters. She is an engineering intern and working hard on reengineering the labor for self checkout in all 242 stores across the nation!

Catherine states: “I learned to appreciate those that I work with as much, if not more, than the work that's done. When you're working a demanding full-time job, it's so important to give yourself time to breathe and to enjoy yourself, and even more important to be around people who allow you to do that.”

Her current major is Interdisciplinary Engineering with a double minor in organizational leadership and psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. As a PESCer, Catherine describes her experience: “I feel that I've been able to impact this school and my fellow students as much as they've impacted me in the last two years, and I'm excited for two more years of the same.” Enjoy the rest of your internship Catherine!


Jonathan Seifried

This summer we will be showcasing the amazing Jonathan Seifried! Jonathan is a rising sophomore in industrial engineering and currently in Oak Ridge, Tennessee working at KLA’s nano-indentation branch: Nanomechanics. Jonathan described his work experience this summer, “I’ve really enjoyed the range and freedom I got while working with a smaller branch of a large organization. I had closer relationships with my mentor and manager and had the ability to work on exciting auxiliary projects that pertained to my major.”

He is spending his internship updating help files for the software used in the instruments, developing a test matrix for users, and creating documentation for the head calibration process on the nano-indenter tools. 
Although he enjoys exploring the beautiful state of Tennessee, Jonathan spends most of his time with his puppy- Mackey. Jonathan had some amazing things to state about his time on PESC: “Though I grew up in East Tennessee, I was raised in a Boilermaker household and had aspirations of going to Purdue. When I finally got here, I knew I belonged and have since taken an effort to make the most of my time on campus, which includes my involvement with PESC. PESC has been my avenue to give back to the incredible community that embraced me when I arrived in West Lafayette, and I couldn’t be happier with the amazing group of people I’ve found.” We are so excited to have another year with Jonathan on PESC and congrats on your summer internship!


Philip Cibulka

This week we will be showcasing the PESCer behind the scenes of our social media- Phil Cibulka. Phil is an Engineering Leadership Development Intern at Siemens in Atlanta, GA. He is currently working with software validation for a temperature monitoring product and writing operational manuals. Phil was happy to describe his work this summer: “I was fortunate to have a great opportunity to do meaningful work for my company on a customer-facing product, while growing in my skills as an engineering professional.”

In his free time in Atlanta. Phil loves going to soccer games, going to the gym, and hiking! And of course watching hockey (STL blues 2019 Stanley cup champs!) Phil stated, “I met lots of intelligent, motivated, and interesting people that helped me grow and learn while also having a really fun time.”

Phil is currently a junior majoring in Computer Engineering at Purdue. As an active member on PESC, Phil explains his experience as, “I’ve been given a lot by PESC and Purdue in the last couple years both professionally and personally, and I’m excited to continue giving back what I’ve learned in my next two years at Purdue.” We will see you back in the fall Phil!


Lisa Krause

Everyone say hello to our amazing PESC member Lisa Krause! She is currently interning as a machinery engineer at the baytown refinery for ExxonMobil. Her many projects involve improving the slip torque of the coupling on a dual compressor steam turbine driven train, coordinating the movement of 14khp motors, determining how to best remove water from lube oil and coordinating with vendors to implement an oil clarifier, and improving pump performance on acid pumps. Lisa is a sophomore in mechanical engineering and loves exploring the Houston area in the extreme heat, going two-stepping, and eating Tex Mex. Stay cool Lisa!


The Best of PESC: Welcome to Our Blog!

Rolling into a new school year means PESC is busy preparing for another semester of serving campus and having fun while we’re at it! To make sure we remember all the highlights, and so we can show everyone what we’re up to, we’ve decided to start up a blog! On here you’ll find recaps and pictures of all our events, career fairs, and outstanding members.

For this first post, we’re recapping last semester: Spring 2019!

Meet PESCy, our mascot!

Meet PESCy, our mascot!

While it may be our “spring” career fair, EXPO took place in the heart of West Lafayette winter in January. With over 4,000 students and 170 employers in attendance, the negative temperatures didn’t stop us from throwing a great fair, during which we debuted the new “Skip-the-Line” feature which allowed companies to talk to students who had sent in their resumes ahead of time.

Our Campus Relations committee organized the first ever Purdue National Chain Reaction Competition in March, where we saw collegiate teams come together to display their complex inventions that accomplished a simple task: putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. Read more about the event here: link to article!

Engineering Outreach continued to give back to our community with a variety of children’s activities. MINDS (our middle school engineering event) received great reviews from parents and kids alike (read more here), and at this year’s Springfest, our booth was a non-stop rush of kids building their own catapults, airplanes, and helicopters! We even got a surprise visit from PESCy, our favorite mascot.

As we look to the future, the Fall semester has plenty of events waiting for us: reaching out to freshmen at Boiler Bash, hosting the largest student run career fair with Industrial Roundtable, and spending a fun day with elementary school students teaching them the in’s and out’s of engineering at Elementary IDEAS! (And that’s just to name a few)

Check back here in the future for updates about everything we’re doing on council, and as always:

Boiler Up!

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