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Purdue Engineering

Ever since the first engineering degree was granted back in 1878, Purdue has continued to grow and develop its reputation as one of the top engineering schools in the nation. Currently ranked 9th for Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs and 8th for Graduate Engineering Schools, the individual colleges also deserve some attention.

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Allow us to introduce all of our schools:

Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering

Ranked 5th in the Nation

Home to 600 undergraduate and 400 graduate students, Purdue has awarded the most aerospace engineering degrees in the US over the past ten years

  • Approximately $10 million external research expenditures annually by faculty recognized as experts in Aerodynamics, Aerospace Systems, Astrodynamics & Space Applications, Dynamics & Control, Propulsion, and Structures & Materials

Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Ranked 1st in the Nation

Consistently ranked in the Top 5 and has been #1 for the past eight consecutive years

  • Known for its small class sizes, practical curriculum, and undergrad research opportunities

  • Areas of study include Machine Systems Engineering, Environmental & Natural Resources Engineering, Biological Engineering, Food Process Engineering, and Agricultural Systems Management

Chemical Engineering

Ranked 14th in the Nation

Features the first privately funded engineering building in Purdue history and 35 faculty members; including six members of National Academy of Engineers

  • Home to 566 undergraduate and 151 graduate students, ChemE at Purdue is consistently ranked in the Top 4 nationally in terms of B.S. and PhD candidates

  • 20 corporations are members of its industrial advisory council

Civil Engineering

Ranked 5th in the Nation

Among one of the largest undergraduate civil engineering programs in the U.S., Purdue has 63 Civil Engineering faculty, 505 undergraduate students, and 341 graduate students

  • Over 1,400 Civil Alumni are serving in C-suite positions

  • First female and first black engineering graduates emerged from Civil Engineering in 1897 and 1894 respectively

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ranked 10th in the Nation

Featuring two undergraduate degrees (BSEE and BSCmpE), these schools are home to 1102 students and the largest number of faculty (99 members) for ECE nationally

  • Also home to the largest graduate student population at Purdue (258 MS and 484 PhD), where over 2,200 applicants apply

  • Highest annual research expenditures among all schools at Purdue (with over $33 million from external resources)

Environmental & Ecological Engineering

Ranked 12th in the Nation

One of the tighter-knit communities at Purdue, EEE has a projected enrollment of 150 students, which allows for individualized course planning and a systems approach to solving complex environmental and ecological engineering issues

  • Started in 2006, EEE now also has a graduate program that began in 2015

  • U.S. Dept. of Labor predicts 22% job growth in EEE jobs over the next decade, with 22,000 new jobs in the field by 2020

Industrial Engineering

Ranked 3rd in the Nation

IE prepares students for a flexible future, where many outstanding graduates now hold top executive positions in many Fortune 500 companies

  • Graduate program is ranked 9th and features a diverse mix of US and international students

  • IE has flexibility to allow students to minor in various complementary fields, such as economics, management, sciences, or other engineering disciplines

Mechanical Engineering

Ranked 8th in the Nation

The first School of Engineering founded at Purdue in 1882, ME is home to 1800 students and 74 faculty, with a graduate program ranked 8th in the nation

  • Responsible for multiple innovations in education and research, with Alumni including engineering and corporate leaders, astronauts, inventors, and innovators

Materials Engineering

Ranked 13th in the Nation

Featuring one of the smallest student to faculty ratios in engineering, Materials Engineering has graduates placed in nearly every industry sector

  • High student involvement in study abroad

  • Industry-based and supported senior capstone project

  • Feedback from employers recognize MSE students as having strong communication skills

Nuclear Engineering

Ranked 9th in the Nation

With a strong undergraduate research program, NE has among the highest per faculty external research funding at Purdue and produces, on average, 10 percent of all BS and PhD graduates in Nuclear Engineering nationwide

  • Leader in reactor thermal hydraulics, plasma/materials interactions, and nuclear fusion engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Ranked 22nd in the Nation

With 30 core faculty members and over 100 U.S. patents filed, BME at Purdue features extensive industrial and global partnerships for experiential learning and employment

  • 25 companies started with more than $30 million venture capital raised

  • 300+ undergraduate students and 100+ doctoral students