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PESC Alumni Newsletter


President's Address

Hello alumni!

It may have been a while since you have heard from us, but we are hoping to make these newsletters a semesterly occurrence again to keep you up to date on all the cool things PESC is doing! This semester has certainly been busy, but PESC has accomplished a lot since January. We started the semester by bringing on ten new members, and they have already helped us pursue new events and improve on our old events.

The Executive committee has been focused on creating a more sustainable partnership with the College of Engineering. Additionally, we have been looking into how we can continue to support the university, beyond just making donations to the university endowment. The Communications committee has been working hard to increase our social media presence and implementing our new website! Campus Relations, the merged committee of Engineering Relations and Student Activities, hosted the first ever Purdue National Chain Reaction Competition and has been pursuing a mental health initiative with the College of Engineering. The Engineering Outreach committee has been working to incorporate other student organizations in our outreach efforts and planning more outreach opportunities with our public facing events. Industrial Roundtable has been focused on figuring out how to collect data from students, to learn how we can better serve students in the coming years. EXPO successfully ran our second career fair in the Frances A Cordova Center and experimented with a new CareerFair+ feature, Skip the Line! Internal Development has been concentrating on providing more bonding opportunities for PESCers, beyond just council trip. Finally, we introduced a new committee, Executive Roundtable, which is planning to bring industry executives to campus to interact with students and faculty, with a focus on improving industry relations and impacting curriculum.

In conclusion, we are proud of what we accomplished this semester and are looking forward to how we can continue to improve in the next semester. Please feel free to reach out to EXEC at any time at pesc@ecn.purdue.edu or call our office at 765-496-2660. We hope to create a stronger alumni network and presence of PESC. Hope to see you at IR!  

Hail Purdue!  

Michaela Rumple

Purdue Engineering Student Council President


Feature Story: Campus Relations


This semester Campus Relations introduced the inaugural Purdue National Chain Reaction Competition! In previous years, PESC would host the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest; however, with a new rule change competitors cannot be younger than eighteen years old. In order to preserve this historic event- a tradition started at Purdue University- Campus Relations planned and executed our very own chain reaction competition. We worked with the attending teams to ensure the best competition environment was created, and this event was truly a success! We had four teams compete in this exciting new campus event, and a recap of the event can be found on our Facebook page with the link below. We look forward to continuing to expand and improve the competitions for all the upcoming years.

In regards to other aspects of campus relations, we are thrilled to be holding “Surthriving Week” during the last week of the semester. This is a new event held during Dead Week where PESC plans activities for each day of the week in order to reduce stress for finals. Last semester we passed out snacks, hosted a cooking class, played bowling with other engineering organizations and so much more!

Campus Relations has shifted towards having a large focus on improving mental health awareness and resources on campus. We look forward to hosting many new events in correlation with the College of Engineering in order to ensure engineering students have the support needed to reach a new level of success at Purdue. PESC members are quite passionate about this topic and look forward to making a larger impact here on campus!

To learn more about the current events organized by the campus relations committee, check out the Campus Activites page!

Further Media:

Industrial Roundtable

This semester the Industrial Roundtable committee has been working hard to lay the groundwork for IR later this year! With a more intense focus on data collection from the fair, we have been able to improve student and employee experience year after year. Some highlights include that over 88% of students indicated the seminars gave them valuable information for their job search and an even higher percentage of students would like additional job preparation prior to the fair. In response to this, the IR committee is currently transferring the student guidebook onto PESC’s website for easy interaction and job advice for students.

In addition, company seminars have been “revitalized” by moving seminar times to afternoon and night on the Monday prior to the fair. This schedule shift has nearly doubled student attendance numbers and increased company interest in seminars. Also to improve employer experience, students will now be wearing colored name tags to easily indicate their major. This will hasten the student and employer conversations as recruiters will be able to quickly recognize their field of study.

We are anticipating over 400 companies and around 12,000 students to be in attendance this year on Memorial Mall. Over the years, IR’s physical layout has gone through a series of changes- most recently involving expansion onto Centennial Mall; however, with the relocation of the student information area to Loeb playhouse, we are able to place more companies in Memorial Mall and contain the fair to its original location where student traffic is the highest. The IR committee and PESC want to thank everyone who has been involved in IR over the years and for laying the groundwork for successful future fairs!

2019 IR Director Karl Akert (far right) with the rest of his committee (not pictured, Maor Gozalzani)

2019 IR Director Karl Akert (far right) with the rest of his committee (not pictured, Maor Gozalzani)

Former secretary Sam Sills and the rest of the 2018 council relaxing after IR 2018

Former secretary Sam Sills and the rest of the 2018 council relaxing after IR 2018


Engineering Outreach

Secretary Rachel Eaton poses with her group at the first ever PNCRC children’s event

Freshman Madison Myers builds pop-pop catapults with kids at Springfest 2019

Freshman Johnny Salvas leads middle schoolers in learning how acid can “digest” an m&m at MINDS 2019

The Engineering Outreach committee has been very busy with some of the largest children’s events PESC has yet to see! We are excited to introduce a new event, redesign Springfest, and engage with new engineering organizations to improve our events.

At the National Chain Reaction Competition, we were able to host over forty kids who were able to create and build their own complex mazes and engineering feats. We were excited to connect the kids with the machines and the engineering principals behind them.

At Springfest this year, we designed catapults and airplanes with the throughout the day. While in the past PESC's tent at springfest would create baloon animals and hats for attending children and families, we felt this was not fully in line with PESC's mission. We refocused the event to introduce children to engineering, and engage the parents with our committee's mission. We were pleased to have connected with over 650 kids and their families.

Last year, the EO committee began working with INSPIRE Research Group and other Lafayette organizations to expand our reach and create safer and more organized events. INSPIRE has helped refine our events to be more engineering focused than science based, and enabled us to provide a safer and more comfortable environment for kids to learn in. With greater participation in PESC’s engineering outreach events, we have been able to inspire hundreds of future Purdue engineers!

Our future goals and missions are to bring in more campus organizations, expand current relationships, and broaden our missions reach. To learn more on our current and upcoming events, check out the "Children's Events" page!



Day of the Fair, thanks to our facilities manager, Philip Cibulka, not a single package was lost this past year!

Day of the Fair, thanks to our facilities manager, Philip Cibulka, not a single package was lost this past year!


This past January, we successfully held our second EXPO Career Fair in the Frances A Cordova center (CoRec). Since switching from the Mackey Arena Terminal, the career fair has smoothly transitioned into its new permanent home with ample space for the growing fair.

The EXPO committee was able to experiment with the “next big thing” this past career fair. PESC successful ran a trial of a “Skip-the-Line” feature in the Career Fairs Plus app which allows students to make appointments to speak with companies they are interested in. This feature will also be offered during IR 2019. In addition, we are working with the Industrial Roundtable Committee to establish a new registration software for career fairs that PESC will have full control over. Our partnership with Purdue Conferences developed over the last two years will also be dissolved with the adoption this system.

Although weather concerns during EXPO are not traditionally as issue, during this year's EXPO we had to deal with the Polar Vortex! This extreme cold came with its own set of challenges, specifically with PESCers working parking. We had to send PESCers out, fully bundled up, in fifteen minute shifts over the span of the two hours. Luckily, classes were not cancelled until the day after the fair, but needless to say it was quite a memorable experience


Secretary Rachel Eaton and Freshman Andrea Copeland advertising PESC events

Secretary Rachel Eaton and Freshman Andrea Copeland advertising PESC events

With a focus on change and innovative ideas, the Comm committee has been excited to see new promotional events, scholarship advetisement, and outreach on Purdue’s campus. Although it has been sad to see PESC Pizza go, it has been replaced by a new and exciting event called “PESC Pop-ups”. This event raises awareness of PESC’s involvement on campus and gives students an opportunity to meet PESC members with many free giveaways and activities! The Comm committee has also launched its updated website with new features and in depth information for students and employers. Future website goals include a news and blog section for event reviews! Lastly, the Comm committee has been working on an exciting promotional video to highlight the professional and personal side of PESC to showcase during New Member Callouts.